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Qbit Online offers the newest in 3C (consumer electronics, communications, computer components) products and services to customers around the world. Qbit Online is a registered business based in Taipei, Taiwan.

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  • Genuine and safe! – With 1024 bit industry standard SSL encryption, you are secure. Your Paypal account has received a direct PayPal request. No threatening email links to shady websites. Paypal is also used to process orders made with a credit card. We don’t save any payment card information for your piece of mind.
  • International Shipping: There is only one sun. We don’t charge any additional fees or taxes and provide the same services and goods to everyone in the world!
  • No hassles or unexpected costs We make an effort to provide a simple purchasing method and a clear fee calculation procedure. To determine the item’s total cost, simply sum the advertised price of the product and the shipping cost.

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Recognize that technology today becomes outdated tomorrow.

We maintain a close watch on global trends and present a solution that is crucial, significant, and worth the investment.

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